haul: bath and body works

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

hello i'm anna

and i'm a bath and body works addict


scratch that
i'd rather stay in the denial stage

hah bu' really;)

truth be told i'm not thaaaaaat bad
it really only comes out ( full swing) when the semi-annual sale emails take over my inbox and i realize that all good things in life come in a blue gingham bag

splurging is OH SO justified

after the latest haul, i realized how a surprising many of their new scents have made my all-time favs list.
they really did outdo themselves this year....and so has my wallet...bless its precious little heart<3

from the top





we can just end here
>>this has got to be one of my favorite mist EVER from BBW<<
their entire summer European line is a bit of heaven in a bottle, but this one is especially indulging
i naturally love more warm musky scents but i'm also SUCH a sucker for fresh ocean whiffs so this was a personal home run. every time i use it, i'm mentally wisked away to some white-stuccoed porch overlooking crazy-blue water and accompanied by flowery breezes. 

take me now

DEETS: the key fragrances in the French Riviera line are 
seaside citrus, jasmine water, amber musk, summer fig, and driftwood

died and gone to heaven

seriously though. I find myself using this one at all times of the day, doesn't seem to have a evening vs morning preference. it's fresh enough for the day, and warm enough for the evening date night (SO my jam). I went for the fragrance mist but also tried out the lotion and was a huge fan of both.

>>> oui oui <<<




i snagged this god-given scent in the ultra shea body cream a few months ago and once's a new fav.  
the description on the product says it consists of
"an exotic blend of Amazon rain, Brazilian star fruit & frangipani"

i can hear you thinking

"what the HECK is frangipani???"

wait...don't leave....i already googled it for ya;)'s that so-crazy-pretty-it-could-be-fake tropical flower that all the polynesian girls wear like bosses.


anything that perfect deserves to be in a bath and body works lotion....
and wow does it make Amazon Rain smell amazzzzzinnnng.
its an incredibly addictive blend of fresh, sweet, and maybe even a little tangy.

my mood when this body cream becomes my must-have is usually the 
heading out the door happy mood
....with a splash of confidence....

*also...i tried out the shower gel and am also a HUGE fan. It's crazy refreshing...and the scent lasts a surprisingly long time for being a shower gel:)*





oh wait...for a second there i forgot that was the name of the lotion and not my drifting thoughts

earth to anna

really though....i got this gem of a hand cream a the beginning of summer and nothing spoke more to my beach-craving heart than this one. again...let's all act surprised that it's an ocean scent with a hint of the musky sweet

"Find your getaway with a refreshing spritzer of mango nectar, jasmine petals & coral musk"

you can not tell me that doesn't sound divine
this stuff is the bomb

idk if its the coral in it or what, but it legit smells just like the beach.
if all they did was pour walmart sunscreen, cali sand, and purified saltwater into this thing....
i couldn't mind a bit.
...because to's straight up SUMMER in a bottle. 

I keep it in one of my larger travel bags for all the times that I forget to bring moisturizer with me, but am usually off to something fun...

it gets those 
goin strong




this 3-wick candle makes me want to chase summer for the rest. of. my. life.

who needs a job??

a friend gave this wax GOLD to me a little while ago and it was love at first whiff. 
that sounded incredibly cheesy
[awkward coughs]

usually when it comes to scents, i'm a strict no-lavendar kinda girl. it's always smelled too much like cheap geriatric sachets to me.
 HAH i'm such a millennial  

i got schooled by a CANDLE though, because even I was surprised when i read the label
Beachside Oak, Sea-Washed Mahogany, Ocean Lavender
i've gotta admit, the slight SLIGHT hint of lavender actually works in this one
and put oak and mahogany and ocean anywhere together and we're all melting

fun fact: BBW candles usually last approx 25-45 hrs
conclusion: i'll be running to BBW every 2-3 days


*fun tip: one of the store associates came up to me while i was smelling candles (ALL OF THEM) and asked if i reused my candle glasses. i'd never thought to use them before, but she suggested pouring out the wax when it was done, and using the cute trendy jars as makeup holders, centerpieces, shelf decorations, etc.*

defs gonna try it out



last but not least 


good things come in small...bottles
BBW's new waikiki beach coconut line is such a perfect blend of sweet and summery.
I first noticed the line when my roommate started using the shower gel and the bathroom smelled heeeeavennlllly afterwards.

it's supposedly a mix of 
tropical coconut, saltwater breezes, woods
but it definitely has more of a sweet than musky tone

I went for the wallflower this past week when BBW had their blowout summer sale, and i snagged it for $3 bucks.
in the past, i haven't been too impressed with their wall or car scents, but decided to give it another go.
this time was better, but it's still not as strong as i'd like.

basically....the scent is amazing even though the potency is weak as a wallflower. i'd suggest getting the candle or room fragrance over the plug-in scent. It just doesn't keep the room at a constant smell-good and i only occasionally notice it throughout the day when i'm in and of my room (and it's only been plugged in for a couple days).

when in a candle


so there ya have it!

these are some of my summer favs and no doubt you'll fall for em too...
they're SO hard to resist, the little suckers;)

so what have been your favorite summer scents from Bath and Body Works!
comment below and lemme know which ones I've gotta try next!

later lovelies <3 

When TWO Become ONE

Sunday, June 11, 2017


i haven't blogged since CHRISTMAS?!

y'know, the best thing of my life was when Apple's emoji board finally included a facepalming brunette. cause let's be real....SOML.

welp...back on this wild pony....again:) 
time for some more thoughts,
...this time with the FIANCE....


...i just confirmed i haven't blogged in wayyyy too long...
(more on the whole dating, engagement, crazy fun later;)
but for now...i'm just jumping in feet first!

a few months ago, Chad and I were talking about goals, looking forward into the summer 
(aka what every college student does when midterms hit like there's gonna be no tomorrow)
and Chad told me he was gonna sign up for a marathon with his brother. 

WILDEST DREAM MOMENT: wait no….'s still not there....nope....never dreamed of running a marathon.

But hearing your fiance who ran cross country in high school say it all of the sudden turns it into this exciting new adventure you get to gladly spectate

 (without actually doing;)

The next few months between visiting family, finishing out the school year, finding new jobs, and planning a wedding, Chad trained for hours, while it sunk in how much I missed him while he was out running. But regardless, it was still exciting being a third-party cheer squad for my main squeeze.

....he'd send me pics of the view from his runs.....

...i'd send back disney gifs...

...y'know how it goes....

I think what I didn’t realize, though, was how much this marathon really was becoming an investment for both of us….i just didn’t recognize it until the day of the race.

Y’know…people always say when you marry someone, the two of you become one. I guess in my mind that made sense….it just still seemed abstract or perhaps even too obvious.

Yesterday, when Chad ran his race….it all clicked for me, though.

The day before, I spent the afternoon and evening making dinner for his carb load, picking up handwarmers for the pre-race, buying last-minute running accessories, and reading over race material.

We bought GU’s together, browsed the running expo, and talked plans for the big day.

I was excited.

 I love sports, love early mornings, and love seeing Chad stoked for a race.
It was a perfect combination.

It hit me that morning though, when at 3am, I dropped him off at the loading buses that would take them 20 miles up the canyon to start their race.

I’m a sympathetic cryer.
And yes, it’s a blessing and a curse.

But the tears I cried that morning, driving away from the loading station, once I was back in bed trying to catch some more sleep, and again when I woke up, unable to sleep…..that was so different than anything I’ve experienced. I was kinda taken back by the reaction I was having seeing this man I love more than anything in this world, take on something so hard and challenging.

Every moment of that race, it seemed, I was living with him.

I worried about whether he’d be too hot, too cold.
I thought about how his back had been bothering him.
I recalled how many runners had mentioned how brutal the downhill slope is on the feet.
I thought of him sitting for two hours around a campfire, pre-race, trying to keep warm.
I worried if he’d have enough water…

enough food

enough sleep

enough energy 

to see it through.

every thought was unbelievably consuming

Chad's brother's wife (i can wait a second while you sort it out;) and I
 ended up in the canyon at the first point where spectators could cheer on their runners at mile 19. 

Words can’t even describe how crazy happy I was, seeing him come around the bend, still smiling….and still alive;) I was basically beside myself.

His happiness was mine. And the relief I felt at seeing him enjoying it….just yes.

We leapfrogged them a few more times, and each time I saw him, I realized that he was getting more and more exhausted. That quick smile of his didn’t come as easily, and I could tell he was in pain.

…oh gosh… I go again….the race is well over and I’m crying again…..
geez laweez

By the time they crossed that finish line, when I first got to hold him…what I didn’t realize was that all the emotions were just starting.

We sat at the finish line for nearly an hour, while I watched him barely able to stand, in pain, exhausted, weak, and inside….i was beside myself.

MOMS….please tell me if this is what it’s like with KIDS.
Cause, really, it's the only thing I could compare it to, on top of the fact that it was the first time I'd felt this strongly enveloped in another's struggle. 

…for the first time…I realized how deeply the pain of another, could willingly become my own. I held back tears (ok...didn't really hold them back...they came out anyways), and I ached inside to do whatever I could to take his pain from him.
Gosh….."heartwrenching” totally became a thing for me in that moment.

The rest of the day included being right by his side while he struggled to walk, rubbing out so many sore muscles, worrying over him while he tried to sleep off the aches, and trying to make him comfortable while his body was figuring out what. the. heck. just. happened.

And somehow, all of that wasn’t enough for me.

I felt totally helpless to ease his pain.
Emotionally, I felt like I was living every bit of it.
And physically, I was beyond frustrated that I couldn’t just take it away from him.

My dad asked me later, “So, do you feel like you’ve emotionally run a marathon?”



The meaning behind “the two shall become one” finally made sense to me.

I am NO saint.
I am SO imperfect.
Heck, half the time, I’m out the window.
And honestly speaking....
i really should have learned this lesson, this deeply,  a LONG time ago.

But I realized yesterday that marriage…relationships with a spouse…should fill the meaning of 


Yea…I cried more tears yesterday that Chad did.
And I wouldn’t trade that for the world.
I would do it all over again in a hearbeat.

“Bearing one another’s burdens” took on a whole new meaning for me yesterday.
But it was in a way that, this time, I embraced with no thought of hesitation or regret.

I realized that I wanted NOTHING more than to shoulder that burden with Chad.
It was crazy to me how something so difficult could be so fulfilling.
Because after it all, i love that boy more than ever. 

Y’know, I really didn’t see a marathon being the conduit for me learning what “two shall become one” really meant.
But it was as beautiful as it was hard.
And I’d do all of it again, despite.

soooo....relationship goals….

i want our marriage to be like that

I believe very marriage should be like that

I realized yesterday that that's what TRULY loving someone is

it means sharing those difficulties
and realizing when it's all said and done, just how much more you love them because of it.

I am so. far.  from being perfect.
It takes things like a fiancé running a marathon for me to learn things like this.
I’m learning how to navigate this whole new level of commitment.

And through it all, I’m probably WAY too emotional

But it’s an incredible realization.
I realized yesterday how deep love can go.
And how fulfilling sharing those burdens can be.

I love that man even more than ever before after all that happened yesterday.


….I can’t wait for eternity….


they managed to hid the pain for 3.2 seconds;) #CHAMPS


Joseph, Joseph

Friday, December 23, 2016

I'll admit...I'm not one of those crazy good cross-referencing, notebook-keeping, topic-exhausting scripture readers. Sheesh...most days I spend an entire half hour on five verses, TBH.

Hey, it works, ok;)

Honestly, the moments in reading where I get those warm-fuzzy sit-back-and-smile moments don't usually come through the medium of concrete content or lengthy lectures. 

I'll just throw this out there: I have an obsession with so-called "background" characters

Lucky for me, the scriptures are chock full of them.

Naaman's servant, the boy who gave his loaves and fishes, Zoram, the fathers of the Sons of Helaman, and  Gideon...(just to name a few)...totally fascinate me.

What were there full stories? How did they get to where they were? What did things look like through their eyes? And how did they find the strength and courage to do what they did? 

A professor once told me you'll earn as much from the black words on the white page as you will from the missing words on the white between the lines. And while we may never have all the stories or answers...hey, it's fun to imagine


Recently, though, with the budding holiday season, one character in particular has stood out to me.

His story is simple and often unsung in the scriptures.
He doesn't have chapters written about him.
He doesn't have books named after him.
Heck, he doesn't even have a single quoted line.
But he's, in my opinion, one of the most incredible men to ever live.


Yep...even then, he's known as "Joseph, the husband of Mary," or "Joseph, the father of Jesus Christ."

He's a silent character that everyone knows, but rarely takes time to consider.

And Christmas wouldn't be the same without him.

He risked his status and social dignity to marry a pregnant girl.
He was a rightful king, demeaned to a carpenters career.
He was likely very young and very poor when he wed Mary.
He heeded an angel's counsel without question.
He put Mary's honor above his own.

He was given the full responsibility of raising and caring for a child that was not his own,
not to mention the Savior of the world..
He was asked to leave friends, family, and home to preserve that child's life, risking his own
in the process.


Can you imagine overnight accepting that everything you imagined in a life with your future spouse, would drastically change, not to mention that a child was already on it's way into the family?

Can you imagine the weight on the shoulders of this young father when he couldn't even secure a public room for his suffering wife?

Can you imagine the night of Mary's labor, realizing that the delivery of this precious baby was entirely in his inexperienced hands?

Or once the baby was born, and Mary had most likely fallen asleep with the exhaustion of labor, holding that tiny child in his arms, contemplating the magnitude of his life?

Or watching as visitors came in awe of the child, reinforcing the reality that the responsibility of raising this child was his own?

Or packing up his shop, closing the door to his home, and under cover of night fleeing for the life of his small son?

The list could go on and on.

I'm absolutely amazed by the love this simple, kind, and powerful man had for the Lord, his son, and for his role in the life of the Savior. He's unsung, unpraised, and often unnoticed.

...But again...
>> Christmas would not be the same without him <<

And it leaves me to wonder, how many people are accomplishing the impossible, working miracles, and sacrificing daily all around us, who's works are never acknowledged? And in the cases when we feel our efforts are going unnoticed or unappreciated...Joseph's example is a resounding reminder that the most powerful moments and characters are not made from raving headlines or trumpeted from the roofs....

but in rude stables were a quiet father held the Son of God in his rough hands,
and then spent the rest of his life in living "Yea, Lord; thou knowest that I love thee."

((this has got to be one of my FAVORITE Mormon Messages ever you should defs watch it..aaaannndddd try not to cry...that too;))

Nearer: The Process

Sunday, September 25, 2016

I've realized recently just how much being near to someone is such a basic human need.

As a kid.....ok let's be real...even now....I've always been the independent type.
Heck, I was that kid that literally went barefoot ALL over the neighborhood, wandered off into the woods alone to explore, and yea...joined in on the 11 yr old boys football game next door (as a 9 yr old) ....just cause I wanted to;)

I ended up knocked out in the dirt....but hey. hahaha  

I think many compensate for human connection in today's world. Technology, social media, work...they can all turn into substitutes for a deeper desire--even need--to be close with others. 

For me, specifically and lately, that need has manifest itself in a deep longing to be close to my Savior. Ultimately, that relationship is the MOST important and fulfilling relationship we'll ever pursue in this life. 

And I can't just throw that out there without bringing up "Nearer My God to Thee"...what did you expect?;)

That hymn has GOT to be one of my absolute favorite hymns...ever. 

Cliche?'s whatever;) haha

Here's the thing though....sometimes that hymn makes me realize just how deep that desire is--to be close to Him, to feel connected with Him, and to really know Him.

I miss Him.

And yea, sometimes it's easy to get frustrated, feel alone, and wonder if He's actually there, and actually cares. 

But what I'm coming to realize, is that it's a PROCESS

Everything in life is.....idk why it's taking me so long to learn this haha.

We study in school and take class after class to get that diploma. We practice over and over and run drill after drill to be good in that sport. We follow step after step to find physical healing. We use each ingredient in succession to create the perfect dish. We work hard to earn enough for what we want. 

Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in instant relationship demands. We think we're failing it we're not perfect, if things don't come easy, or if we don't see results immediately. We want to be close, and we want it to happen overnight.  But that's not life.

It never is, and never will be

And it's no different when it comes to knowing Him. It's a process. So be patient. Invest. One step at a time.  And enjoy the journey. 

The best things in life are the things you work for. 

Work for your relationship with Him. 
Because it's worth it....every. bit. worth. it!

The last verse of "Nearer My God to Thee" (the one that's often not sung....idk why haha) is perhaps my favorite verse:

"There in my Father’s home, safe and at rest,

There in my Savior’s love, perfectly blest"

That rest--that knowledge of His love--it's worth working for! 

For's all about the process...

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