Day 21: an apple a day....

Thursday, May 29, 2014

yea yea i know


I have to agree


that was probably the most boring blog title I've used yet

...i'll explain myself then.....

when we're physically happy and healthy, it's a world easier to become mentally and emotionally happy. 
yea, grabbing a Big Mac on the way to run an errand, or chomping on chips instead of celery sounds more appealing when you get home from a long day....... 

(don't mention 13 is SO still in effect:) the long run....setting and meeting attainable health goals and putting physical well-being as a priority, gives us strength, happiness, and energy, both in body and in mind.

here's where i'm going with this

day 21: set one week, month, and year-long health goal.

where to you want to see yourself in a week? 
in a month? 
and in a year?

go, fight, win

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