Day 23: Who Are We Kidding?

Saturday, May 31, 2014

not going to lie....I'm totally guilty of driving down the road, seeing a swing set and coming this close to hopping on and forgetting every life problem for fifteen minutes. Or walking down the sidewalk during a rain storm and wanting nothing more than to jump in e.v.e.r.y. puddle



ya just want to be a kid again


so why not???

why not go swing on a swing set? jump in puddles? take a nap in the grass? dance in the rain? or catch fireflies?

sometimes I hate feeling like I've "grown up" because I don't take time to do the things I used to love. BUT, some pleasures don't pass with time.......they're still just as fun as they were years ago:) 

(like i'm not saying i actually do this...but hypothetically fights are WAY fun....just saying)

day 23: relive one of your favorite childhood activities 

 no blame.....all game.....

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