Day 8: the color of happy

Saturday, May 10, 2014

take a guess 

what's the color of happy??

turns out it's the color of my favorite laffy taffy flavor

my birthday is Sept....btw...just sayin;)

ready set go

>>> day 8 <<<

wear yellow!

strange as it seems, color can have an effect on our mood. Color Psychology...whaaaaat. According to a color psychologist 


(don't spaz...I didn't know they existed either until a short while ago...)


“it’s been demonstrated in research that the color that makes people happiest is yellow. According to research studies, yellow is linked to this mood because of its brightness and it also gives off a calm energy,” says Dr. Kanchier.  

There's a reason why rain coats are yellow:)

Now I'm a believer, Not a trace of doubt in my mind..... know what to do....wear yellow! 

brighten your day!!

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