Day 26: Sunrise, Sunset

Thursday, June 5, 2014 I actually don't like that at all........(it's not a warm and fuzzy, happiness-booster movie, just in case you're wondering, so don't go off and watch it.....that's not today's challenge.......chill:)

Nope....but I needed the title soooooo....that's my excuse. Whatevs....keep reading:

Ever remember those mornings at summer camp or those evenings in the fall, when you just took time to watch the sunrise or sunset?  Makes me all chillaxed just to think about it.....


Sometimes, watching that beautiful burst of nature gets me in those "life is good" moods where I can take a step back and appreciate living.

Day 26: Set aside time to watch the sunrise or sunset.   

Love living.        Think positively.        Appreciate nature.       Thank God. 

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