Firearm Friendship

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

As a missionary, all you ever want to do is make people's lives better.


Instead, you usually get skepticism, rejection, or outright rudeness. 

Sometimes, all I want to do is remind people that I actually am HUMAN and have feelings, and that I have interests, hobbies, dreams, and hopes too. 

Being a missionary has taught me that relationships are e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.!

This weekend affirmed that for me. 

We were over at a member's home, waiting for dinner to start, when we noticed that their neighbor was out on his porch, about to turn in. We quickly walked over and introduced ourselves, and began chatting with him.

Once we got talking, O-- (the neighbor) told us about his life, how he’d met missionaries before and that he’d attended church before, but he didn't seem interested. He was a bit hesitant to warm up to us, and began avoiding “churchy” conversation.

I went with it, with a desire to get to know him as a person.....

And then....... 

Our conversation then went somehow from the GOSPEL to GUNS

(He brought up that he used to live in Washington DC, and I told him I'd lived there for a summer and toured with the NRA in DC and Virginia) 


Aaaaaannnnnd….then we couldn’t be stopped:   The NRA….. Rugers ….. Sigs….. M1911’s…... trap and skeet ….. 45cal ….. M16s …… Remingtons …… and concealed carry permits.

It all happened.

He went on and on, and the two of us had a blast chatting about a topic that we were both passionate about. O-- came alive. We'd made a connection and that's when our friendship formed.
And honestly, it was crazy to see his willingness to come over for dinner with us and the members and he even stayed and welcomed a spiritual message.

Go figure.

I honestly believe that everyone needs to know you care, before they can care about what you know. (Yea…totally not my quote….and totally over-used…but hey, it is what it is;). Making connections with people is one of my favorite things to do. And I saw it work wonders with O--. When he finally saw us as more than just “textbook missionaries” and that we had an interest in his interests….he came around.

Really, you never know what it is you bring to the table. I believe you can find similarities and connections with just about any person. Sometimes, it’s easy to feel that there’s no way you can relate and love certain people. But, there’s always more to people than meets the eyes.

Get to know people. Learn about their interests. Find out what matters to them. Listen and love.

You never know what connections you’ll find and friendships you’ll forge until you TRY:)
And just in case ya don't believe me about the whole NRA touring thing......;)


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