It's Part of the Plan

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

First 4th of July on the word: UNFORGETTABLE.

Friday morning, I wake up, roll over, turn off the alarm, crawl into a ball for prayer, get dressed for a workout, and start tearing it up in the living room doing sit-ups, push-ups, and Russian twists. I then stand up, still breathing hard..... and…..…..I PASS OUT.  

Sister Bishop eventually comes out of the bedroom, freaks out, and CALLS  9-1-1.  I’m starting to come around as she’s talking on the phone, and I soon realize she’s not talking to a mutual friend.she’s talking to a 911 operator.  


10 minutes later, we can hear loud footsteps outside, and “Hey! The apartment’s over here!” before hearing pounding on the front door.

I’m still lying on the floor, shaking and kinda confused, while six guys come rushing in, and started asking me all sorts of questions (including “were you out drinking last night?”  ummmmm……NO), taking vitals, asking my companion question after question (she actually remembered my entire birthdate…….SO proud;), and telling me I need to go to the ER.   


Soooooooo….off we go. Once in the ambulance, they get an IV in me( and a whole lotta blood on me in the process:), hook me up to monitors, and strike up conversation with “Yea, I have to work all day on the 4th……and usually we don’t get calls this early.”

Sorry, champ.

Rolling me into the ER, one of the EMT’s said, “Hey, I heard her (pointing to my companion) call you ‘Sister Parker.’ Can I call you that??”

Don’t mind if you do…….I  get that a lot:) So for the rest of their time with me, the EMT’s kept calling me Sister Parker which totally confused the ER nurses but…..oh well! Pg. 9…..White Handbook...that's where it's at:)  lol

 Once in the ER, I get asked three times again if I’d been out drinking the night beforeFor reals??  I guess a girl can’t be in the ER with her hair still curled at 7am in the morning, without being guilty of gracing the town the night before.


So they run all the tests they’ve run in the past…AGAIN. More blood tests, more x-rays, more EKG’s, more…more...more.

Meanwhile, the nurse who was taking care of me started asking me, why I was from out of state. Good story, actually:) So I start into our missionary shpeal. We talked about the Book of Mormon, believing in God as our creator, and how we can come closer to God by reading His word and praying to Him. She began asking questions about our beliefs, and eventually she took our card, and agreed to order a Book of Mormon online by saying, “I’m always looking for more spirituality in my life.”

 Ya got it.

2 hours later, the doctor comes in and tells me (AGAIN) that everything’s “normal” and I can go home.

Gees….I’m so glad I came to the ER this morning:)…….I’m NORMAL!


By the time we got home, I crashed on the couch, totally exhausted and miserable, BUT I thought a lot about that nurse who I got to talk to.Maybe the Lord needed her to hear that message that morning. IDK all the reasons for why stuff like this happens, but I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason (especially in the life of a missionary:). I kept thinking, how sometimes the Lord puts us in situations we don't enjoy or want, because someone else needs us more. 

My companion told me last night, "I'm convinced every trial can be a blessing as well."

I'll have to agree. He works in mysterious ways. It's all part of His Plan. And at the end of the day, gotta say.....I'm a fan;)

So maybe that morning wasn’t all a waste…….


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