Yea But....

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Meet Isaac.

7 years old. Blonde and blue eyed. Sweet. Handsome. Good-natured. My little man. And the best little brother a girl could ask for.  

About a year ago, I was off work, came home early, and found Isaac playing by himself in his room. Spending time with my siblings is never an opportunity I pass up, so I plopped down on the floor beside him while he strung out a long line of train cars down his wooden track.

"Isaac buddy, do you wanna go fishing??"

He looked at me with wide bright eyes as a shy smile lit up his face, "Like, just you and me?"

"Yep, just you and me."

Fifteen minutes later, we were grabbing and tackle box and fishing lines and heading out the door to hit a small river near our home. We got down to the bank, jumping from rock to rock, and occasionally getting sprayed by flow of the river. We eventually found the “perfect spot” and sat down in the speckled sunshine, baited our hooks, and flicked them out into the current.

Time passed…..the snacks came out……kids waded downstream from us…..but no twitch of the pole….and no fish to show for our time spent waiting on the rocks. Isaac crossed his hands behind his head and laid back on the granite rock. He then chatted on, discussing his 6 year-old life with me, and I watched his brow knit as he pondered my question, “Would you rather have Star Wars or Police legos for your birthday coming up?”

We waited and waited, re-baited hooks, moved locations, and even waded across pools to try and get a catch……but nothing. Nada. Disappointed, mostly for Isaac’s sake and my pride in planning an activity with him that turned into a flop, we eventually clambered back up the bank, and back to the car, with no fish in tow.

As we walked, I said, “Geez Isaac, I’m sorry we didn’t catch anything, bud.”

He just looked up with, “Yea, but we got to see some cool rocks…..”

I laughed. But as we drove back home, I realized that he truly was perfectly content with the outing. He got to see cool rocks. He didn’t care about the empty nets or the un-touched bait…..he got to see cool rocks.

Even a year since that experience, I can still see his sweet eyes looking up at me, “Yea, but….”

Life doesn’t always turn out the way we’d hope. Good intentions don’t always turn out the best. Our hard work doesn’t always yield results.  We don’t always find readily-available rewards.

But, there’s so much more to be enjoyed, if we just look around and find joy in the journey.  Take time to appreciate what you do have. Notice and take pleasure in the small things. There’s always something we can find to enjoy.

That’s what I learned from a small 6 year-old boy fishing on a warm summer afternoon..……

“Yea, but….”

all my handsome brothers.....;)


cool rocks;)
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