Nothing is Impossible

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Jamming out to Taylor Swift's "A Place in This World" while walking to school made the long haul easier to bear, but it didn't help me feel any more personally established in my own world.

"Oh, I'm alone, on my own
And that's all I know
Oh, I'm just a girl
Trying to find a place in this world...."

Got that right.

Heck, I didn't even know who I was or what I had to offer anyone. Sometimes, it seemed easier to just be content with mediocrity. I wasn't anything special. I didn't have brains to brag about. I didn't have skills to scream over. And on my limited college student budget, I barely had a dime to my name.

Perfect hair? Forget it.
Flawless grades? Who are we kidding.
Social life? If only I had the time.
Money in the bank? More like in the tank.
The ideal job? Nonexistent.
My life plan? Geez, I was still trying to figure out my Finance syllabus.

I didn't amount to much.

However, over the past couple years since those early freshman days, the Lord has unfolded more of His plan to me, a plan which has lifted me beyond the ranks of average and incapable. It's not always been easy to learn, and it often takes A LOT of work, but it's His work....the work of molding and shaping ordinary people into extraordinary achievers. 

My mission is, in large part, to be thanked for this, my realization. With the privileged of studying from the scriptures daily for at least an hour, and learning how to walk hand-in-hand with God every moment of my life, my eyes have been opened to the miracles accomplished and greatness attained, when the seemingly simple are magnified through God.

Examples? You got it:

David, who defeated Goliath. Who'd of thought a small boy could kill one of the greatest giants of strength with just one stone?

Ammon, who converted a nation of enemies, and all because he chose to water sheep and feed horses as a humble servant.

  The Stripling Warriors, who, though inexperienced and young, saved their people because of their faith and diligence.

Joseph Smith, who was only 14 years old when visited by God the Father and Jesus Christ, and though uneducated, was able to translate the Book of Mormon through the power of God.

And even Jesus Christ himself came to this world, in the humblest of circumstances as a baby in a manger, yet with the power and divine potential to save the entire human race.

"Small and simple things" (Alma 37:6) are used to bring about the greatest accomplishments in God's plan. I've learned for myself that this is true. I used to (and sometimes still do) find it easy to dumb myself down, doubt by potential, and reason that "someone else is better at that than I am, so why try?" But, I'm coming to ask myself a better question:

Why not try? Why not me?

Why not YOU

Why not??

Elder Russell M Nelson promised,  "Ordinary people who faithfully, diligently, and consistently do simple things that are right before God will bring forth extraordinary results.

The Lord has more in mind for you than you have in mind for yourself. You have been reserved and preserved for this time and place. You can do hard things. At the same time, as you love Him and keep His commandments, great rewards—even unimaginable achievements—may be yours."

So next time you're tempted to think, "Why me?" instead ask yourself, "Why NOT me?"

With God, you can accomplish ANYTHING.....even the IMPOSSIBLE!!

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