Define Your Today

Monday, August 3, 2015

Sunday night....time to blog....and I'm typing this...on my phone...up at Lake Winnepesauke at the Romney's (yes, like Mitt Romney's) lake house. THAT's a change of venue from my typical curled-up-in-bed messy-bun-and-sweats-with-a-cold-glass-of-OJ (my fav;) bloggersphere 
(see what I did know you loved it haha:)


more on my lake house life later... for now just excuse the typos...autocorrect and I have a strict love hate relationship;)

Ok...on with this post...

One of my absolute favorite people in this entire beautiful world...(seriously I love this girl SO much)....before we reached bestie status....were having a conversation a long while back and I, for the first time, began breaking down my walls and really opening up to her about the struggles I was facing and kind of venting about life and it's challenges. 
I was getting real with her and I was trusting her with some of my more honest feelings and thoughts. It obviously took me by surprise then, when I'd finished and she paused for a moment and said, "Well, Anna, you're the captain of your own ship."


My external reaction.....

yes animated GIF

My REAL internal reaction...

pitch perfect animated GIF

Here I was...bearing my soul for the first time...and that's all I got?? But I started thinking about it....I realized that that's EXACTLY what I needed to hear. And it's exactly what I've needed to hear in my mind many times since.

You're the captain of your own ship. Whatever problems come your way, you're ultimately the one who chooses how to face to react. Choose your course. That's what my best friend taught me that day. That lesson has stuck with me, and over time I've adapted a similar phrase that's become more my that I like to remind myself of daily.

Define your today.

What will you do with the day you've been given? It's in your hands! You're the master of your day. Define it. Take control of it. And forge ahead. Don't let anything hold you back.

 It's take it!

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