Follow or Flee?

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Oh geez.

Three months dry.
(And I once said I was gonna post every much for goals >D)

With summer in full swing, though, I have a good feeling I'll actually (maybe) find time to, more often than not, throw some thoughts down here like a real blogger.


here's where the mind's at today:

I've been asked the question more than once as a Mormon (and as a Christian), "Aren't you guys just blind followers? Blind sheep following church leaders and even a professed God without stepping back and taking opinion and direction into your own hands?"

Truth be told, I've been asked this by members and non-members alike.
The first time I'd really had a more-than-awkward-laugh-wondering-if-they-were-serious conversation about it was actually when a member who disagreed with a certain church policy and doctrine posed the question.

And honestly, the question (and following convo) left me feeling unsettled and yea....I'll just say it....IRRITATED.
In part, because I didn't like the idea that that could possibly be true, and secondly, because it threatened the core of our religion.

Here's the deal

While some may think that Mormons are blind followers--led along by a group of "outdated old guys" (yea...actually had someone call them that to my face...bless their heart)--I see it as the most powerful arrangement of religious organization and principal...ever

The doctrines and policies "taught" by leaders in the Mormon church always come with the compelling invitation which this church was FOUNDED on: "ASK, and ye shall RECEIVE....knock and it shall be opened unto you" (James 1:5)....and that's not even from the religion-specific and often-harassed Book of Mormon....go figure:)

This faith was built on the promise that God communicates personally with His children IN ADDITION to word-wide modern-day revelation and instruction through ordained prophets.

Blows my mind sometimes, honestly haha

Yea, there are times when doctrine taught, policies implemented, statements made, or changes happen that we struggle to agree with or understand.  Sooooooo....ball's in your court...

follow or flee??

The irony of the "blind sheep" analogy just gets me GOOD. Like what smart one out of the herd when the shepherd---who CARES for them, who PROTECTS them, who SUSTAINS them, who SHELTERS them, who... (ok you get the picture)--tries to lead them (for whatever reason), turns tail and runs?

I would hope we have more faith in a loving Creator than that.

The fact is, this religion was GROWN out of the simple act of  >ASKING<
God cares as much about word-wide revelation as much as He does about YOU PERSONALLY, with your questions, and your concerns, and yes, even ESPECIALLY your doubts.

If you're having doubts or struggling with faith (or policy, doctrine, principles, or whatever)....congratulations! 

You're doing it right! and that's NORMAL

ASK! You're not expected to just take "their" word for it in this religion (and I would hope in any other religion). Ask for confirmation, for clarification, for testimony, for answers, and for the settlement of doubts.'re at step 1 and it's uphill from here;)

He WANTS to witness to you. 

So let Him! Don't run the opposite direction just because you don't have all the answers. Spend some 1-on-1 with Him and see how far He'll bring you. He'll let you know that their words are true. Do what it takes--pray, read the scriptures, counsel with church leaders, earnestly seek to know and understand.

Trust Him. Trust yourself to receive answers. 
And above all, stay with Him. 

We all know what happens in movies where the guy can't stand the pressure anymore and jumps ship....don't be that guy;) 

....stick around for the good stuff....

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