Friday, July 1, 2016


If you're one of em, just stop here and don't keep on reading
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Oh hey you stayed......I like you;)

Here's the thing....I've never been keen on political correctness. Yep. I said it. 
Geez....half of you are squirming now. Sorry not sorry;)

Let me explain:

The more I'm bombarded with trending topics, headline stories, popular hashtags, mainstream media, and the latest news...the more fed up I become with a society and more specifically, a generation, that literally can't handle differing opinions, It's like everywhere you turn today, someone is complaining about how something is offensive to them, everyone but themselves needs to shut up, and all viewpoints expressed that conflict with their own is somehow a hateful personal attack.


Let's just get this out there:

sen·si·tives: people who just can't live their lives if any opposing opinions threaten their social pampering. 

Don't believe me? 
How bout start with:

  • #HeterosexualPrideDay starts trending on social media.....the LGBT community expresses fury at the act, claiming that it "mocks the oppression" they face.

  • The trailer of Moana depicts a large Polynesian demigod....Disney gets bashed by viewers complaining of "fat-shaming" 

  • Snapchat includes a featured filter that "lightens" skin tone....users lash out at the social media outlet for being racist 

  • While shopping, a mom finds a pair of shorts for boys that are two inches longer than a similar pair of girl shorts.....she blasts social media expressing her anger at the way society objectifies girls' bodies. 

....(wait for it)...

  • His daughter was sent home from school for wearing an "immodest sundress"....he takes to the web to vent about "body-shaming" and how girls should be allowed to wear whatever they want, with no need to hide anything.

  • Danielle Brooks, a sitcom actress, gets told "lucky you" by a flight attendant commenting on her First Class status....Brooks instantly tweets how offended she was by the comment.

  • The week before the 4th of July, a New York Daily News columnist calls for the banning of "God Bless America" at MLB games because "it's offensive to everyone."

  • Abigail Fisher doesn't get accepted into the University of she sues on the basis of white discrimination, despite her less-than-impressive academic history.

Get the picture??

Yea and half of these happened within the last WEEK.

We all have different opinions...that's what makes us US and adds diversity and perspective to the world. And trust me when I say, have an opinion. I'm not advocating back-seat attitude or apathetic reaction. 

BUT for crying out loud...stop acting like the world owes you validation for every prick of discomfort that life throws you. There is NO need to take every small occurrence (many times that doesn't even have to do with you) and use it to turn yourself into a martyr and everyone else the perpetrator. 

Basically....STOP WHINING.

We're becoming a generation obsessed with cat fights and complaints. Life is hard sometimes. Deal with it. Suck it up. Stop blaming other people for your problems. Grow some thicker skin. Pick your own self up when you fall down. Clean up your own mess. Sticks and stones for heaven's sake.

So someone else has a different opinion than you.....SO WHAT. 
That's life. 
Have conviction, but NEVER contention. 
Just freakin live your life and stop wasting time howling about how hard it is (cause's not that bad).

So some people are proud to be let em be--it doesn't concern you.
So Disney made a character you don't watch the movie.
So Snapchat creates a filter you disagree don't use it.
So you don't like the clothes in the kid don't buy it.
So the school has a dress code you find a different school
So you're told you're lucky to fly 1st class..............................................well yea, flying period is a miracle of human invention.
So you don't like a patriotic don't sing it.
So you didn't get accepted into the school you harder or go somewhere else

Again, I'm NOT saying that you shouldn't work towards productive change based on correct morals.....heck, we wouldn't be here as Americans if that hadn't been the case. Having a difference of opinions is GOOD, but it should ALWAYS be accompanied by civility and Straight up whining, complaining, hating, dissing, and backstabbing rather than just living your life the way you believe and letting everything else just roll of your back boils down to a lack of maturity.

Grow up people.

Seriously.....our lives are not that hard.

Sooooo....if you're a Sensitive, go ahead...tell me how wrong I am, threaten, take offense, and sure...leave whatever nasty comment you'd like.

I honestly don't care.

Otherwise, we can agree to disagree.
And I'm cool with that.....cause at least then, I've still got faith in humanity and in people who can have different opinions and still stay civil;)

And since this was heavy stuff....we can end with the comic relief (cause Louis CK can tell us how it really is;)

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