haul: bath and body works

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

hello i'm anna

and i'm a bath and body works addict


scratch that
i'd rather stay in the denial stage

hah bu' really;)

truth be told i'm not thaaaaaat bad
it really only comes out ( full swing) when the semi-annual sale emails take over my inbox and i realize that all good things in life come in a blue gingham bag

splurging is OH SO justified

after the latest haul, i realized how a surprising many of their new scents have made my all-time favs list.
they really did outdo themselves this year....and so has my wallet...bless its precious little heart<3

from the top





we can just end here
>>this has got to be one of my favorite mist EVER from BBW<<
their entire summer European line is a bit of heaven in a bottle, but this one is especially indulging
i naturally love more warm musky scents but i'm also SUCH a sucker for fresh ocean whiffs so this was a personal home run. every time i use it, i'm mentally wisked away to some white-stuccoed porch overlooking crazy-blue water and accompanied by flowery breezes. 

take me now

DEETS: the key fragrances in the French Riviera line are 
seaside citrus, jasmine water, amber musk, summer fig, and driftwood

died and gone to heaven

seriously though. I find myself using this one at all times of the day, doesn't seem to have a evening vs morning preference. it's fresh enough for the day, and warm enough for the evening date night (SO my jam). I went for the fragrance mist but also tried out the lotion and was a huge fan of both.

>>> oui oui <<<




i snagged this god-given scent in the ultra shea body cream a few months ago and once's a new fav.  
the description on the product says it consists of
"an exotic blend of Amazon rain, Brazilian star fruit & frangipani"

i can hear you thinking

"what the HECK is frangipani???"

wait...don't leave....i already googled it for ya;)'s that so-crazy-pretty-it-could-be-fake tropical flower that all the polynesian girls wear like bosses.


anything that perfect deserves to be in a bath and body works lotion....
and wow does it make Amazon Rain smell amazzzzzinnnng.
its an incredibly addictive blend of fresh, sweet, and maybe even a little tangy.

my mood when this body cream becomes my must-have is usually the 
heading out the door happy mood
....with a splash of confidence....

*also...i tried out the shower gel and am also a HUGE fan. It's crazy refreshing...and the scent lasts a surprisingly long time for being a shower gel:)*





oh wait...for a second there i forgot that was the name of the lotion and not my drifting thoughts

earth to anna

really though....i got this gem of a hand cream a the beginning of summer and nothing spoke more to my beach-craving heart than this one. again...let's all act surprised that it's an ocean scent with a hint of the musky sweet

"Find your getaway with a refreshing spritzer of mango nectar, jasmine petals & coral musk"

you can not tell me that doesn't sound divine
this stuff is the bomb

idk if its the coral in it or what, but it legit smells just like the beach.
if all they did was pour walmart sunscreen, cali sand, and purified saltwater into this thing....
i couldn't mind a bit.
...because to's straight up SUMMER in a bottle. 

I keep it in one of my larger travel bags for all the times that I forget to bring moisturizer with me, but am usually off to something fun...

it gets those 
goin strong




this 3-wick candle makes me want to chase summer for the rest. of. my. life.

who needs a job??

a friend gave this wax GOLD to me a little while ago and it was love at first whiff. 
that sounded incredibly cheesy
[awkward coughs]

usually when it comes to scents, i'm a strict no-lavendar kinda girl. it's always smelled too much like cheap geriatric sachets to me.
 HAH i'm such a millennial  

i got schooled by a CANDLE though, because even I was surprised when i read the label
Beachside Oak, Sea-Washed Mahogany, Ocean Lavender
i've gotta admit, the slight SLIGHT hint of lavender actually works in this one
and put oak and mahogany and ocean anywhere together and we're all melting

fun fact: BBW candles usually last approx 25-45 hrs
conclusion: i'll be running to BBW every 2-3 days


*fun tip: one of the store associates came up to me while i was smelling candles (ALL OF THEM) and asked if i reused my candle glasses. i'd never thought to use them before, but she suggested pouring out the wax when it was done, and using the cute trendy jars as makeup holders, centerpieces, shelf decorations, etc.*

defs gonna try it out



last but not least 


good things come in small...bottles
BBW's new waikiki beach coconut line is such a perfect blend of sweet and summery.
I first noticed the line when my roommate started using the shower gel and the bathroom smelled heeeeavennlllly afterwards.

it's supposedly a mix of 
tropical coconut, saltwater breezes, woods
but it definitely has more of a sweet than musky tone

I went for the wallflower this past week when BBW had their blowout summer sale, and i snagged it for $3 bucks.
in the past, i haven't been too impressed with their wall or car scents, but decided to give it another go.
this time was better, but it's still not as strong as i'd like.

basically....the scent is amazing even though the potency is weak as a wallflower. i'd suggest getting the candle or room fragrance over the plug-in scent. It just doesn't keep the room at a constant smell-good and i only occasionally notice it throughout the day when i'm in and of my room (and it's only been plugged in for a couple days).

when in a candle


so there ya have it!

these are some of my summer favs and no doubt you'll fall for em too...
they're SO hard to resist, the little suckers;)

so what have been your favorite summer scents from Bath and Body Works!
comment below and lemme know which ones I've gotta try next!

later lovelies <3 

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