the sappy WEDDING DAY post

Thursday, October 5, 2017

it's taken me a full TWO months to know how to post about my own

like, getting married is the biggest day of your life, correct?
and i can't even start figuring out how to put it all to paper html. 


People told me before our big day that it flies by in a blur...and it did. 
but it was magical....crazy magical.

it's the weirdest feeling waking up the morning of your wedding...lemme tell you. 
it's like this numb happy excited butterfly feeling with a smidge of overwhelm and shakiness:)
By the time my hair and makeup was done and Chad showed up in his suit, i was beyond ready just to fly off to the temple, skip all the photo-taking, pomp, circumstance,  and yea...even the reception, and just be off to basking in the "we're finally married" bliss. 

and's only 10am

the struggle was so real;)

we spent the morning studying scriptures together and force feeding ourselves breakfast between the nerves setting in....idk that cheerios will ever taste the same again;)

But by the time we got to the temple, sat down with our sealer, Chad's grandpa, and heard him express the happiness and eternal companionship that was about to be ours....i was anything BUT nervous. the entire sealing, surrounded by EIGHTY friends and family (yea, we picked the right temple for that;) seemed like forty minutes of heaven. that sounded really cheesy....but it did. 

Time didn't even seem to exists. And by the time we knelt across that alter and committed to each other, not till death do we part, but for eternity.....tears of joy have never felt so real. 
I can't even describe how it felt to have Chad, this man that I have come to love more than anyone or anything in this entire world, commit to hold and cherish me for eternity. ETERNITY. 

we NEVER have to be separated. This incredible man who brings me closer to my Savior than anyone else in my life, agreed to help me all the way back to heaven. there is NO ONE I'd rather be next to for eternity than him, and in a few short moments, the Lord granted us that promise. 

[happy shivers] 

It's cliche....but i have NEVER....EVER been happier in my entire life. 

never had more giddy jitters in MY LIFE

this is easily one of my FAVORITE pictures from the entire day!

the whole gang!!

what a bangin group

sisters are my favorite


my good lookin in-laws:)


Maybe it's that crazy happy high that makes the rest of the day fly by in a blur.

Photos....LOTS of photos.
Luncheon with family....priceless.
a quick run to the store for late night snacks...also priceless;)
and then the reception at Nielson's Grove.

my legit fam bam did the PERFECT job of set up for the reception.
It was SPARKLING by the time Chad and I showed up. 
6 months of mental planning, envisioning, work, sweat, and tears....and it looked EXACTLY how I'd always wanted my reception to look. 

pics to prove:

even got to sneak in some niece time before the reception started (!)

so blessed to have these girls in my life!

after the guest line died off (we survived thanks to my father-in-law sneaking us cake;), we did the traditional cake cut, bouquet toss, and my favorite....parent and then couple dance!

my cute sister-in-law:)

no words<3

I really did feel in that moment that the world could end and I couldn't care less.
We were finally married and dancing our first of many dances together.

We danced to Ed Sheeran's "Perfect" which perfectly sums up our story.
I can't wait to be in Chad's arms for the rest of eternity.

Our send-off was purely MAGICAL.
Don't care.

it was beautiful!!

and...of in-laws did an awesome job of the car:)

Everything really did turn out SO perfectly!
I couldn't have imagined a more beautiful day.

I didn't even know it was possible to be this incredibly happy!
And Chad has made me as happy as that day every day since.

Some people told me being married is an adjustment.

If by that they mean "adjusting" to
being with your best friend every day,
laughing together,
working together,
dreaming together,
snuggling on the weekends together,
cooking together,
traveling together,
playing together,
happy crying together,
loving every minute together...

or being so blissfully happy together...


and it's the best "adjustment" I've EVER made;)

Some days I still can't believe this is real life.

 it's heavenly

Belonding to such an incredible man who treats me like his queen
is a dream come I plan on never waking up from.

the wedding video!!!!
(which i can't stop watching (and crying happy tears to))

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