Gosh, these "about me" pages are always so awkward

i'm nothing too special:)

 just an adventurous up-for-anything kinda girl who finds blogging the perfect blend of therapeutic and (perfectly) challenging. I write to get my CRAZY thoughts down on paper...and heck, if ya'll find them entertaining, inspiring, interesting, or anything other than boring......


Besides blogging, I'm a sucker for the outdoors and sports, hanging with friends, country music, living life to the fullest, and being a wife to the most incredible, kind, devoted (and hot) man EVER. 
I love fresh fruit smoothies, ANYTHING beach, the color mint, riding horses, black licorice, snuggling puppies, and the wind in my hair. 

All other life details....well.... I still haven't figured them out yet;)

Thanks for stopping by.....and keep on comin!

You know I love you all:) 


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